You Were Born to Make an Impact


story is important“Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success” ~ Shawn Achor

You never know when you’re going to make an impact. I made a Facebook post a few days ago that included the above graphic. I was astonished by the activity that followed. That one simple post was shared more than fifty times and was seen by more than three thousand people in four days.

What is it about this particular post that made such an impact? Could it be the bright writing? Perhaps thats what caught everyone’s eye, but I don’t think that’s what hit home. Is it the positive message in the face of the negative stories that we tell ourselves? Does it contradict the messages you heard throughout childhood or from the media? Whatever the reason, we tend to focus on things we want to change, on what’s not right and these words offer the ray of hope and validation we crave.

Your life has purpose: We’re all here for a reason ~ we’re unique~ live your purpose, it’s a gift. Every person, every life has purpose.

Your story is important: We all have a story that has or is happening. It may be a story that you’ve told yourself over and over for years or it could be a story you’ve just begun. You have the power to change your story and the lesson of your story.

Your dreams count: Have you ever been told you shouldn’t dream or your dream is too big? That’s nonsense! Dream like there are no boundaries and no limit. Go after your dreams! Your dreams do matter

Your voice matters: Have you found your voice? Speak up & stand up for yourself. You have ideas and opinions that can (and do) makeknow your impact an impact. Take care of yourself and practice positive self-talk. The voice inside determines the voice outside.

You were born to make an impact: As I said in the beginning, you never know when you’re making an impact. What we do know is that you’re making an impact far more often than you realize, so make it a positive one!

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