Who You Were Born to Be


authentic, true self[styled_box]”It is finally when you let go of what people expect you to be and people’s perceptions of you that you’re able to be the version of yourself that you’re supposed to be – like in god’s eyes.  It doesn’t matter if you’re half crazy, or eccentric or whatever it is–that you have to be true to who you were born to be.”~Gwyneth Paltrow[/styled_box] 

Are you living an authentic life as your true self or have you been trying to be someone or something that you’re not just to try to live up to someone else’s expectations?  Do people perceive that you’re something you’re not?

It’s time for you to be the person you want to be – your true self!  It’s your life – OWN IT!  We are all unique and have our own unique set of talents, our own personalities and our own beliefs.  Sadly it’s so easy to get sucked into the ideals of others or into society “norms”.  Being your authentic true self means letting go of these things and living for who you were born to be!

When you can finally let go of others expectations you will be able to have the authentic life you’ve dreamed of.  You’ll be able to live as your true self – the person you were born to be.  It’s hard to let go of things that you’ve been told, the ideals or examples that you’ve seen your entire life.  These are things that get in the way of living an authentic life.

Make a list of  “you shoulds” – what are the things other people say that you “should” do. . .you should get more sleep, you should go to college, you should eat healthier, etc. . .  Which of the things have the biggest impact on you and why?  Is there something you feel you should be doing but don’t?

Look inside and be completely honest with yourself.  Who are you?  If you didn’t have to worry about pleasing anyone else, what anyone else thought or their expectations, who would you be?  What’s keeping you from being that person right now?

Being your true self might be scary, especially if you’ve been hiding from your self and the world for a long time.  Being your authentic true self makes you vulnerable and that’s uncomfortable, but living an authentic life brings so many potential gains, it just may be worth a little vulnerability.

Being your authentic true self will most likely make you more confident in yourself, free you from others opinions, you’ll probably be more connected with yourself and  have more peace of mind.  Being authentic often gives us the push to pursue our passions.

I challenge you to take a good hard look at your life today, your true self and find a way to live an authentic life as your true self!





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