What Would Life Be Like if . . .

cowardly lion



“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything” – Vincent van Gogh


I came across this quote and as you know I always start Wednesday Wisdom with a quote, so this is today’s pick!

I’ve talked about courage many times before (just check back in the archives if you’re new here or need a reminder) Courage isn’t always big things, its little things we do every day.

Think about all the things you’ve accomplished in your life:

You’re reading this, so obviously you’ve learned to read.

Did you learn to walk? Ride a bike? Drive a car? Maneuver a wheel chair? To paint?  To dance? To sing? The list goes on and on.

Where would you be had you not had the courage to accomplished the things – maybe still wearing diapers, lying on your parents couch? Yikes – let’s quickly move through that thought!!

Sometimes when we attempt something new we experience disappointments. That’s OK; it’s part of the learning process.  Do babies fall down when they’re learning to walk? Of course they do and they get right back up and try again. Sometimes after pouting or throwing a temper tantrum, but they give it another try and eventually most of them master the art of walking.

Everything you do to advance your life takes courage. Sometime you have support while you exercise your courage and try new things and sometimes you just have to do it on your own.  However you do it – keep going –keep getting up again!!

You know that “thing” that keeps popping into your head – it’s trying to tell you something. . .attempt it!

Ask yourself these three questions before you attempt something new if you need to:

  1.  What’s the worst thing that can happen
  2. How will I feel when I accomplish it
  3. How will I feel if I never attempt it

courage doesn't always roar


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