What Does Being Uncomfortable Say About You?

uncomfortable “I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable”. ~ Jim Morrison

Have you ever known and liked someone, only to discover facts or information about them which bothered you to the point of feeling uncomfortable? Perhaps they revealed a secret about their past or current life which suddenly made you feel awkward or uneasy. Possibly, in speaking with someone, you receive information or feedback which causes you to become angry or upset enough to break off ties and avoid the person. What does that say about you when you’re uncomfortable?

Shari_Final_BC_ViewingAs the release of my new book draws near, I am quite certain that the contents will make some people extremely uncomfortable. The vulnerability that I am feeling is not due to what is being revealed within the pages, but instead the reaction of those who read the book. There is information in this book that will undoubtedly make people uncomfortable because they will learn disconcerting things about me and my past. They will be privy to unsettling and disturbing occurrences, kept hidden for many years. Some of my friends and family will feel shunned for my refusal to share these deep dark secrets with them on a personal level. They will wonder why I did not trust them enough reveal some very emotional moments that have quite possibly scarred me for life. However, worse than their bewilderment is the realization that I have no acceptable answer.

When you are uncomfortable, it is important to ask yourself what that says about you. Are you uneasy because you have a bias? Are you jealous of something that someone else has or may have accomplished? Do yuncomfortableou, perhaps, wish you were more or less like that person?

No one wants to be judged and in saying that, we realize that it is just as important not to judge others! It’s perfectly fine to be curious and want to learn, but judgement says more about you than it does the other person. Next time you’re feeling uncomfortable because of something or someone, ask yourself why. Dig deep and be honest with yourself; that my friend, is how you grow.

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