Time Doesn’t Change Things You Do!

Time changes everything

I remember being told, “Good things come to those who wait”.  Well have you ever waited for the perfect job or perfect person to show up?  Typically it doesn’t happen quite that way.  You have to go out and find them.  You may find the perfect job or person, but rarely does something just “show up” in your life without you doing anything.

Think about this for a moment – if you are waiting for something to change, you need to change it.  Let’s take an example of not being happy in a relationship.  (This could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a working relationship, etc. . .)  If you do nothing but wait for the other person to change, how likely is it that you’re going to be happy?  Ask yourself what you can do to change things yourself?  Maybe you can have a conversation to clear the air, maybe you need to distance yourself from that relationship or change the way you participate in the relationship.

Remember, we always have control over ourselves, our emotions and our reactions.  Control what you can and let go of the rest to be your true self.


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