Surviving is Important, BUT . . .


“Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.” ~ Maya Angelou


Surviving is important, right? You know those mornings when you think if I can just make it through the day or the week, then. . . . . Do you do only what you need to do to get by, to keep your job, to “survive”? Does this way of living make life the best it can be?

Think about it. . . Would you rather just get by in the day-to-day grind or would you rather knock everyone’s socks off and be happy?  Don’t get me wrong, surviving is important, but why not go the extra mile and do the things that make you happier, help you reach your goals and follow your dreams?

First identify what it is that makes you happy, what is your purpose – your “why”?  Then create a vision of what your ideal life looks like and make a plan to get there! Once you have a plan you have to “work the plan” . . . just writing a plan won’t make it happen – you have to make it happen.

This week I challenge you to take one conscious step towards your goals and dreams and do something that will get you and keep you closer to them!

surviving importantNever just be good enough; always be your very best! Have a wonderful week everyone and thank you for stopping by! I hope I inspired you to take a leap this week!

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