Right to be Free

bowling shoe Lego-Shoes-by-nbsp-artist-Finn-Stone


[styled_box]”When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.” – Charles Evans Hughes[/styled_box]


Think about a time when you were forced to do, wear, be something that wasn’t what you wanted, how did it feel?  It’s not very comfortable is it?  Sure, sometimes we can make it work, if we try hard enough or long enough, but it takes away our individuality and we’re no longer free to be ourselves.

Take the example of going bowling and having to rent bowling shoes.  Assuming everyone in the bowling alley is renting shoes, we all have the same shoes on and if you were only able to look down, there would be very little to tell us apart.  How do you feel when you put those shoes on?  I’ve never met anyone who says, “Hey, let’s go the bowling alley, I love those shoes!” or “Can I buy these, I’d like to wear them with my suit tomorrow.”.

You’re certainly not receiving any genuine complements on your shoes, where as if you like to wear shoes that are different, bright, that stand-out, you get to express yourself.

This is a simple example, but think about the things that make you unique, that make you stand out and feel good.  Never give up being different – it makes you free!


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