Recognize & Acknowledge Success

Zsuzsi on paddle board“The next time you see someone get into a difficult pose, or achieve any type of success, take the time to recognize the effort and dedication that person put into it. Remember that acknowledging their success does not take anything away from you. It does not make you any less successful in your own right. Recognizing their talents can be the greatest source of inspiration that can guide you to unlock your own potential and success.”

This quote came from an article about competition between Yogi’s, unfortunately I can’t give credit as I can’t find the article and it was from a Facebook post I saw.  (If you know the author, please comment below and give credit)

The quote struck me for many reasons, but mainly it really isn’t just applicable to Yogi’s or athletics, it’s relevant to life, work, etc..

Have you seen the balance, the concentration and some of the posses, stretches and stances people who practice yoga can do?

Zsuzsi legs out front

I find myself thinking that if I did that my body might break.  The true fact though is that your body is flexible and the more your stretch it, the more flexible you become.

This is similar to your brain, your comfort zone, etc.  The more your stretch yourself the more flexible, daring, balanced, and adaptable you become.  Once you stretch yourself and keep using your new skills, there’s no going back and you continue to grow.

Keep “stretching” the areas of your life that you want to grow:

  • Do something uncomfortable, something you’ve been afraid to try
  • Stretch yourself a little further than normal – one extra sit-up, one more lesson, a few extra minutes of practice, etc.
  • Sign up for a class to learn something new or enhance a skill you already posses.

Zsuzsi pretzel

The second part of this quote references that acknowledging someone else’s success doesn’t take anything away from you and it can be a great source of inspiration to help you unlock your potential.  Recognizing others, appreciating and supporting others are positive actions.  Letting yourself feel jealousy, ill willed or negative feelings is toxic to your well being.

Think about a time when you achieved something that you were proud of.  How did you feel when someone recognized or complimented you on your achievement? I’m guessing you felt great or proud and you may have been flattered.  How about when someone made an ill-willed comment or ignored your accomplishment. You may have felt resentment, frustration, hurt, etc.

If you’re feeling negative feelings:

  • Take time to reflect and figure out the source of your feelings. (jealousy because you haven’t tried, can’t, didn’t achieve as quickly, frustration because you haven’t achieved a goal, etc)
  • Find the reason your feeling the way you are (fear, embarrassment, failure, etc)
  • If someone else got the job, client, part you wanted, instead of blaming ask yourself honestly why you may not have been chosen. (Skills, attitude, behavior, accountability)
  • Decide what you can do to achieve your goals.  Stop focusing on what someone else achieved in a negative fashion and use it as motivation to achieve your own goals!

Zsuzsi super heroDon’t let others success discourage or derail you from living your life! Maybe it’s possible to learn something from the person who has achieved success (or someone else) that will help you with your success.  Generally speaking successful people are willing to collaborate with others.  There’s enough room in the world for us all to be successful!

My friend Zsuzsi, the person in the pictures throughout this blog, is a great example of the things I’m talking about, many people could be jealous of her.  She is obviously very accomplished at yoga, she’s a yoga instructor, a great performer, owns her own company: Message Therapy by Zsuzsi,  ( and she’s an all around, genuine, nice person.

Zsuzsi performance

Zsuzsi has the courage to live her life as she pleases; she helps other through fitness and wellness, she makes people laugh and smile through performance and she takes time to take care of herself.  I met Zsuzsi about two years ago and found her to be a great inspiration, someone who goes after what she wants and isn’t afraid of what others think.

Find the positive in people’s accomplishments, look up to them and what they have accomplished and achieve your goals!

I challenge you to recognize someone else’s achievement, talent or success today.  Who will you recognize and why?

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