When is Quitting OK?


“Of all strategies, knowing when to quit may be the best” ~ Chinese Proverb


We’ve been taught to never give up, don’t quit, quitters never win, etc. These words taunt us throughout our life, so when things aren’t going well we end up having an internal fight with ourselves about whether we should quit, wondering if that makes us a loser or if we should just stick it out because according to all the theories, it’ll get better right? Quitting is taboo.

We seem to hold ourselves to this standard of not quitting for even the most ridiculous things like reading a book we don’t enjoy (this does not include books that must be read for education or the like) or finishing a TV show. Now really, what horrible thing is going to happen if you don’t read the rest of that book or see the end of the TV show? NOTHING! What will happen is that you’ll save yourself the misery of completing it or maybe you’ll be able to accomplish something else in the time it would have taken to complete the book or show. While these are simple examples there are times when quitting may be the right answer.

While quitting may not always be the answer, I do believe there are times when quitting is a viable and sometimes the best option.

In today’s video I talk about:

When Quitting is OK.

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