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Take Control of Your Life by Acting on this offer before it expires

Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Twelve (12) private one on one coaching/mentoring sessions ($2148 value)
  • Access to my private e-mail for communication between sessions
  • Access to one (1) video coaching session of your choice ($99 value)
  • Encouragement and an accountability partner to help you take control of your life
  • The benefit of Shari's 25+ years of professional development, coaching & mentoring experience to help guide you on your success journey
  • Tools, Resources & Exercises to help you achieve your success

Package Value = $2247

Yours for a limited time only, Just:


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 12 Session on-going commitment work?

This private coaching commitment consists of 12 one hour sessions to be scheduled as you’d like, typically once per week for approximately 3 months.   (Sessions must be used within 160 days of purchase)

What Video Coaching Program Do I Receive?

There are several video courses listed on the website, take a look at the descriptions and see which one(s) you're interested in.  You may choose the one that resonates with you the most.

How are the Sessions Held?

Most sessions are completed via phone or Skype, although we can do some in-person sessions if we are in the same area.  Generally people like the convenience of phone sessions so they can take the call wherever they are and not have to worry about getting somewhere.  With that being said there are some people who much prefer "face time" so we use Skype or in a few circumstances we use face-to-face meetings.

Can I buy with Paypal?

Absolutely, that is the preferred method.  Just click on the Sign Up Now button above.

Why Should I Work With Shari?

Shari has over 20+ years of professional experience helping people succeed as well as many triumphs of my own, chances are she has faced issues, concerns, challenges similar to what you're experiencing. Find out more on the Meet Shari page of the website.

What is the Advantage to Having Your Personal E-mail?

Shari receives many e-mails and inquiries through her public e-mail and sometimes those e-mails may be monitored by others on the team or have delayed responses. Her  personal e-mail  is dedicated to helping current clients, has priority and is only monitored by her. This maintains privacy as well as direct communication between you and Shari.

What Happens When the 12 Sessions are Finished?

This will be different for everyone, you may be ready to thrive on your own, however you will always have the opportunity to continue working with Shari in the way that is right for you at that time. You may choose to continue one on one sessions (either through a package or by the hour), you may enroll in a group program and/or continue with her video courses. Together you will determine the best course for you at that time.

quote-tip “Thank you for your all your insights and encouraging words.  I love having a cheerleader and guiding light for my life.  It was so easy to talk and connect with you.”
- R from NY
“Since I started working with Shari I’m excited for the rest of my life, before I just tried to make it through the day!”


- S from ND
quote-tip “Thanks for helping me find the confidence to make the changes I needed to make to be me, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”
- J from WI

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