beyond the white picket fence

 Beyond the White Picket Fence

How’s life? Are you lucky enough to wake up every day with everything going just as you planned, hoped and dreamed? Do you jump out of bed full of anxious enthusiasm, ready to face and embrace the life you are living? Perhaps you are lucky enough to find yourself living in a cozy home, surrounded by a delightful  white picket fence, with a caring, loving and stable spouse, able to stay home every day creating the ideal  life for your, oh so perfect, children. Do you have the career of your dreams which provides you power, success and financial stability?

We all dream about an enchanting life behind that charming, little white picket fence but most of us discover that the fairytale life we hoped for is far from perfect. Life delivers a series of twists and turns forcing us to face many unexpected calamities. These unforeseen hardships, such as divorce, abuse, addiction and illness can upset the balance of your seamless life and force you to venture outside of your comfort zone.

Join Shari Yantes as she tells her own story, and shares tips, pointers and insights about venturing out and creating a life beyond the white Picket fence.

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Moving froSurvive, Thrive, Surviving, Thrivingm Surviving to Thriving

Do you feel like you’re just surviving every day and you can’t get ahead?  Like you’re stuck in life and you don’t have the time or energy to do the things you want to do to achieve your long term goals? Wait, do you have your long-term goals?

“Moving from Surviving or Thriving” is designed to help you focus your thoughts, actions and behaviors so you thrive in life!  This program is for people who are ready to take control of their life, commit to thriving and achieving their goals.




Ready Aim Inspire Book Cover

Ready, Aim, Inspire! Live by choice, not by chance, to reveal your highest self!

Ready, Aim, Inspire! offers a wealth of priceless knowledge from world-renowned experts in the areas of coaching, marketing, writing and publishing. 46 powerful interviews include Joe Vitale from The Secret, Morgana Rae, Money Relationship Magnet, Bert Martinez, Marketing Guru, and Jackie Lapin, Media Relations Expert. You’ll feel creativity and inspiration wash over you as you read their amazing stories, filled with wit, wisdom and crucial advice that they wish they’d known when they began their own journeys.

This book is a priceless guide that will show you the way to live by choice, not by chance. A portion of book proceeds are donated to Operation Y.E.S., providing hope to the homeless.

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Book Cover

Do you have a passion burning deep inside you calling you to follow it?

Do you have a dream of leaving your conventional career behind and striking out on your own?

If so, you are not alone.

Women currently make up the fastest growing number of small business owners. In this book, female small business owners from around the world to share the catalyst that compelled them to leave their old lives behind so they could pursue their passions and live authentically.

Whether you seek motivation to start your own endeavor or just enjoy reading positive tales of feminine strength, these stories will both warm your heart and embolden your spirit. Get inspired so you can break free from what holds you back and live your life unbound!

Proceeds from the sale of this book go to the non-profit organization Kiva Microfunds. Kiva operates an online lending platform that facilitates loans for low-income entrepreneurs and students in 70 countries. With over 80% of Kiva’s loans helping women from across the globe start their own small businesses, we felt that the mission matched well with our values and overarching theme of helping women live their lives unbound.

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