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Private Coaching Sessions with Shari

I am here to help you on your personal success journey; to live the life YOU want by helping you discover your authentic true self, eliminating your fears of living an authentic life, creating your road map to living an authentic life and knocking down the roadblocks that may be in your way. We will work together to examine your current state, discuss any self limiting beliefs you may have and re-frame them, set goals & learn techniques to help you achieve those goals and create forward movement for you to live the life YOU want to live.  Whether you want to grow and enhance your current situation or completely change your circumstances, I’m here to help!

The Ultimate VIP Package:

What would be better than involving those closest to you to help in your journey? This coaching package consists of a one on one private session.  After that I will spend time talking with a select few of those closest to you.  These will be private and confidential information gathering sessions.  The information will be used to help guide you on your personal success journey. After the information sessions, you and I will spend approximately one half day together to discuss the information and create your development map.  We will schedule four (4) one hour sessions following our half day session designed to help guarantee your success and hold you accountable on your journey.

VIP Half Day Session:

We’ll spend one half day together – laser focused on YOU.  You’ll leave our VIP session with goals, techniques to help you achieve them, a road map and clear focus to living your life the way YOU want! These sessions are typically done in the Minneapolis area, however if I’m traveling to your area we can arrange your VIP day in your home court!

Twelve (12) Sessions On-Going Success Commitment:

This private coaching commitment consists of 12 one hour sessions to be scheduled as you’d like, typically once per week for approximately 3 months.   (Sessions must be used within 160 days of purchase) With this commitment you will also have access to me via my private e-mail address for questions and/or comments that come up between sessions. I only commit to a limited number of clients for the on-going sessions so that I may dedicate my availability to them, so you may encounter a waiting period during certain times, but I promise to get you scheduled as soon as I can so you can live your best authentic life!

One Hour Session:

These private sessions are done via phone, Skype or in-person if you are in the area and would prefer meeting in person.  These sessions are focused on YOU so you can move forward with confidence!

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