Pretending Makes the Body Revolt


[styled_box]”When one is pretending the entire body revolts” ~ Anais Nin[/styled_box]


In previous posts I have talked about listening to your body, your feelings, etc.  As a matter of fact in last week’s post I talked about being asked if there was something I just couldn’t stomach when I wasn’t feeling well and that was exactly what my body was trying to tell me.  For more information you can read the prior blogs or contact me for a consultation.

Your body and your feelings are your best indicator of how you’re living, acting, etc.  When you’re “pretending”, as Anais Nin states above, your body revolts.  Not being authentic and living as your true self can cause much harm to yourself.  You may be ill, tired, sad, etc.  You’re body is trying to tell you something – listen to it!

If you look at the word revolt, you will see the word LOVE (spelled backward) right in the middle of it.  When your body is revolting it is asking you to re-frame your thoughts, behaviors, etc….turn them around, drop what you don’t need and LOVE yourself!  When you are living an authentic life as your true self, you will feel much better.  Your body and mind will show you love.  You will find more love everywhere.

Be good to yourself, treat yourself with love and respect and your body won’t revolt, it will love!

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