Practice Positive Self-Talk

glass half full

 “Like food is to the body, self-talk is to the mind. Don’t let any junk thoughts repeat in your head.” ~ Maddy Malhorta

I’m sure you’ve heard the age old question “Is your glass half-full or half-empty?”.  How you answer that question is an indicator of how optimistic or pessimistic you are.  Those with a half –full answer tend to be more positive people.

Positive thinking is the key ingredient in stress management. It’s not that optimistic people never have bad things happen, have “down” days, or are unhappy for one reason or another, but they approach the unpleasant things in a more positive and productive way. They tend to expect the best rather than the worst.

Positive thinking starts with self-talk. What is self talk? It’s the unspoken (or sometimes spoken) thoughts that run through your head. The things you tell yourself. If your self-talk is negative you are setting limitations in your subconscious, creating a ceiling or barrier. Your subconscious mind works towards the thoughts you have.

Think of your mind as a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds you plant. If you plant seeds of gratefulness, happiness, success, etc. you are more likely to harvest just that as these seeds continue to grow.  On the other hand, if you are focused or planting negative seeds of failure, disappointment, scarcity, etc. those are the seeds that you will grow and continue to experience.

self talkThere are many benefits to positive self-talk! Here are a few tips to help you focus your self-talk:

  • Observe your self-talk/thoughts. You may not have been paying attention in the past, so make a effort to think about what you’re thinking about or saying to yourself.
  • Determine what you want your self-talk to be. If you need to, write it down and read it every day. Write it in the present tense and first person.
  • When you find yourself talking/thinking negatively, stop. Recognize the thought and find something positive. Is it a temporary situation, what is the positive it in, how are you going to overcome it?
  • Practice, Practice, Practice. The more you take control of your mind, the better results you’ll have.



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