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Polka Dot Powerhouse in an amazing women’s networking and development group that provides positive, action oriented women with information, resources and opportunities to help create more meaningful friendships and business relationships that can help them and others move forward in all aspects of their lives.  As you know, this is a mission that is near and dear to my heart, one that I’ve been carrying for years!

I am the Managing Director of the Northwest Metro Minnesota chapter and the Regional Director for ND, SD, MT, NE & WY.  The Northwest Metro chapter launched in April 2014, however the company was started in 2012.  Find out more about the company by clicking on the image above.

The Northwest Metro Minnesota chapter includes both professional and personal membership options.  We have business meetings during the day (11:30-1:30) the fourth Wednesday each month and personal meetings the second Thursday evening (5:30-7:30) of each month.  To see the dates, speakers, topics & times click the dot below, you must register to attend and space is limited to 30 people so sign up now! (Always check the dates, they sometimes get moved due to holidays)

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For those of you not in the metro area:

  • You can join the World Wide group that meets virtually. We have a very, very active Facebook group.
  • There are amazing chapters in other areas of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Maryland, Colorado, Hawaii, Wyoming, Iowa and more being added all the time.
  • If you are one of the first three(3) to join in your state or country you will receive an AMAZING offer – click below to find out more. Make sure you put my name in as the member referring you.



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