Personal Values? What For?

personal values“It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are.” ~ Roy E. Disney

Yesterday I asked the question, “What are your top five personal values” to a Facebook community I lead. (join us here: Someone commented that they had never really thought about it. Have you thought about it?

My guess is that you know you have values. You may have defined your company or your employer’s values so you could recite to the customers, clients or employees. If I were to ask you what your personal values are would you be able to recite them?

We all too often overlook the importance of recognizing our own mission statement, vision and personal values. Although these things may change a bit here and there over time, generally we have certain values at our core that are very important to us. When we are not staying true to our personal values, we feel off course, out of sorts or like we’re fighting through chaos. If we haven’t defined our personal values, it’s hard to determine what exactly is going on.

personal valuesHave you ever stood up in front of a group of people and did a speech or told a story that wasn’t quite true? Or have you ever tried to sell something you don’t believe in? How does that feel? Maybe you felt a little grumpy or uneasy, even though you “nailed it”! For someone who hasn’t defined their personal values this may be confusing and feel off. The person that knows that integrity or honesty is one of their core personal values would be able to identify that they were not living true to a personal value and would be more capable of making the appropriate changes.

When you know what your personal values are you’re better able to make decisions that will bring you authentic happiness and success.

Can you answer the question, “What are your top five personal values”, if not take some time to define them. How might your life changed if you started living in congruence with your personal values?



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