One At A Time

“And that is how change happens.  One gesture.  One person.  One moment at a time.”  ~ Libba Bray,

Think of a time when you were having a bad day and someone said something nice to you or maybe just smiled at you and it changed your mood.  That is an easy example of how one gesture from one person at one moment in time can make a difference.

There are stories everywhere you look about how one gesture changed someone’s life.  What has changed your life?

I have had many times that a gesture has caused a shift or a change, it may have been in mood like the example above or in a variety of other ways.  For instance, having someone believe in you.  For years I was told& believed I wasn’t good at sports but then in jr.high school the swimming coach recruited me after seeing me swim, I was a great distance swimmer.  I never would have tried out or joined the team had I not been approached by someone who believed in me.

I’m a small town girl; my parents believed in me and told me I could do/be anything I wanted.  There were plenty of naysayers who said I’d never be able to make it in the business world, etc.  I went on to become a Vice President in the corporate world and now having my own company and a wonderful successful and happy life, all because there were people who encouraged me and believed in me.

Be that person!  Make a gesture today that will create a positive change or shift for someone.  Encourage others, be kind and be one who causes positive change in the world!

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