Meet Shari

Are you tired of living a life that has been designed FOR you rather than BY you?

Struggling with transition by choice or by no fault of your own?

Shari’s been there!

Shari YantesComing from a childhood and life rich in lessons; dealing with family member’s addictions, divorce, blended families, physical and emotional abuse, being a single mom, layoffs, living up to others expectations and more, Shari learned to deal with challenges and move forward quickly and successfully!

Her open communication style and thought provoking conversational techniques as well as her diverse life experiences allow you to connect and an intimate, intense and individual level.   Together you will discuss your limiting beliefs, break through or reframe them, understand and eliminate blocks, and find your path through your transition to a successful life.

Shari believes that all relationships start within; whether that is a relationship with another person, money, “luck”, health or anything else, the relationship you have with yourself has a strong effect on every other relationship you have, so make it a good one!

1)      You must be authentic and true to yourself to love yourself fully.

2)      You must love yourself before you can fully love or accept love from anyone else

Whether you work with Shari privately, in a workshop or at a seminar, she will help you find happiness by discovering your true self. She is an expert in helping you discover your highest desires, finding ways to make change happen, co-creating plans and empowering you to love yourself so you can live an authentic successful life.

Shari has learned to survive through chaos and thrive on the other side of it; she will help you take control of your life and find your way to an authentic thriving life!

Shari is a Personal Success & Transition Coach and Author who has been coaching, mentoring, speaking and training for 20+ years.  Contact her today for a complimentary, no-obligation, initial consultation to determine if she is the right person to help you take control of your life! No matter what, you’ll walk away from your meeting with great insight.

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