Module 3: Making Choices - Take 100% Responsibility for YOUR life

In this video you will learn how what you experience in life comes from the thoughts you hold in your mind and the choices you make as a result of those thoughts.

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Making Choices:  Take 100% Responsibility for YOUR Life

Have you ever looked through a Kaleidoscope?  Think about how the smallest turn makes a big impact on what you see; the choice of direction, big or small turns, how much or little light is shining, etc.  Believe it or not, this is exactly how the choices you make affect your life!

Being able to choose is a good thing!  However, it’s important that you realize the every choice you make comes with consequences and ends up forming the very circumstances of your life.

What choices are you making for your life?  Are you choosing to be happy? Are you choosing to take responsibility for your actions? How comfortable do you feel that you are making wise choices that will bring about a better life for you?

In this program, we explore the realm of choice and see how your choices are fundamentally shaping and forming your life.  Together, we will

  • Recognize how choice impacts your life at every moment of every day.
  • Examine how your thoughts, both your limiting beliefs as well as what you allow yourself to imagine as possible, affect your view of choice.
  • Practice holding positive thoughts which can help you with making better choices and ultimately move you forward in your life.
  • Use a simple but powerful technique to become more aware of your current circumstances and how those circumstances are being shaped by the choices you are making.

Participating in this program will increase your awareness of how and what choices your making and how they affect your life, allowing you to direct your life as you’d like!