Live by Your Own Rules

between born and die

Many of you know that I’m all for living by your own rules.  Now with that said, let me be clear that I’m not suggesting you break the law or make choices that may be dangerous to you or others.  Don’t go out and drive down the wrong side of the road backwards or anything.

Society has created many rules that we’re taught we should follow.  For instance, no white shoes between Labor Day and Memorial Day.  Who cares? What’s going to happen if I put on a pair of white shoes right now? I’m pretty sure the world won’t end!

Some people are told they cannot be friends or marry someone of a different religion, a different ethnicity, the same gender, a certain family, etc.  Although there are many reasons, beliefs, etc – if you find the love of your life or a wonderful friend, why not?  (I realize some cultures, areas, etc have severe consequences for going against these rules, so once again I’m not recommending – just making a point).

There are still beliefs out there that we have “women’s jobs” and “men’s jobs” or “boy toys” & “girl toys”.  Even McDonalds promotes “girl toys” or “boy toys” with their Happy Meals!  These ideas are a little outdated – I know lots of men cooks, nurses, teachers, etc. and I know lots of women in manufacturing, criminal justice, construction, etc.  Guess what they’re all wonderful people who have followed their dreams.  Little girls that play with cars or little boys that play with dolls – to children they’re just another thing to play make believe with.  We all drive and ride in cars, right?  We’re all people (dolls), right?

The point here is that there are many rules that have been created by “society” and if those don’t work for you, you do have the right to break free.  In some cases it is easier than others – I realize that, but the cost of not being true to yourself can have a lasting negative effect of your life.

You have the right to live your life!

Find like minded people to engage with – they will help support you through your transitions and “breaking out”!

Decide what it is you want, commit to it, create a plan – then follow you dream!

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