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Change Radio with Rhonda

Change your mindset-change your life!

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shari yantes

Unstoppable Confidence

Shari talks with Estela about building unstoppable confidence.

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Shari Yantes

What’s Beyond the White Picket Fence

Have you found your passion? What does it take to find true bliss? Join us on The Journey of Success as Shari Yantes shares her journey to fulfillment and happiness.

Shari is an expert in helping people discover their highest desires, finding ways to make change happen, co-creating plans and empowering them to love themselves so they can live authentic successful lives. She is the author of the recently released book Beyond the White Picket Fence.

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Building Courage & Confidence

Shari talks with Coach TMB about building courage and increasing confidence so you can conquer your dreams!

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Being Authentic

Bert & Shari discuss being authentic vs rebellious and finding your genius

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Happiness Recipe: Really? Authenticity? Really??

Shari talks with June & Sandy about being authentic. They share stories, including Shari own triumph, and give you tips and tricks for finding your authentic self and living your authentic life.

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Having the courage to follow your passion and reach your goals (without worrying about what others think)

When we decide to become solo-entrepreneurs we get a lot of “advice”, some skepticism and some uncertainty. It can be a lonely road, but Shari talked about having the courage to follow that passion.

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American Hope Radio Network

Shari helps individuals craft their personal success journeys. Uncovering a path that allows them to live the life they want by helping them discover their authentic self, eliminating their fears, creating an individually designed road map to living an authentic life and knocking down the roadblocks that stand in the way.

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Life is All About Choices

Do you have the Courage and Confidence to Succeed?
Let Shari help you take control of your life, find your true self and create an authentic life of happiness and success!

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DivaTalkRadio is dedicated to women of all ages to Empower, Motivate, and Encourage them in all aspects of their lives. So slip on your favorite stilettos and join us.

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Write Now! Radio

Viki Winterton, founder of Write Away, Write Now and PUBLISHED! magazine brings you top authors and publishing professionals as share their treasured resources, success secrets and the defining moments that have shaped their lives.

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Around the Cauldron

Around the Cauldron is a weekly podcast aimed at the emerging online entrepreneur – the mompreneur with the independent home based business that she’s ready to take to the next step.
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Heart Secrets Radio Talk Show

Heart Secrets is a weekly Internet Talk Show hosted by The Love Lifestyle Coach, Angela Carr Patterson. Angela and her guest discuss the lessons they’ve learned from the stories they dare to share. Show topics range from relationships and money, career and business, health and well being to self love and identity. Listen as they delve deep into the answers we’ve all been seeking to everyday issues that impact and effect the lives of our large global female based audience. Intimate and informative conversations, mixed with a little humor, hope and encouragement, keep our audiences coming back each week for more doses of inspiration and fun. Heart Secrets…Inspiring, Informative and Transformative! Heart Secrets airs live every Tuesday, 1PM EST for one hour.

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