Just a Minute, One More Thing


“The longest 60 seconds in the world occur when someone says, I’ll be there in a minute.”~ Jarod Kintz


Do you ever find yourself on the way to do something or getting ready to go somewhere & think to yourself, just a minute-one more thing? Then you “quick” do that “thing” and when you’re finally done, you’ve forgotten what you were on your way to do or you’re running late.

As busy people with hectic lives, this happens to us all. Think about how “just a minute” turns into several minutes. Maybe you stop to check Facebook and then get sucked in . . . . I mean hey, there’s a lot going on out there.

It’s important to stay focused on what you’re doing and to prioritize your activities.

I was talking to someone the other day who was heading out for a walk after our conversation.  The conversation kept taking the “just a minute, one more thing” turn and ended up lasting an hour. By the time we were done her walk had to be hurried because of the time crunch she was now in. The goal of taking a walk was to become centered and relaxed; now it would be hurried and stressful.

Or how about when that just a minute, one more thing ends up costing you an opportunity, the ability to participate in something, a missed phone call where you now cannot reach the person you need, disappoints a child/partner/friend or the weather has changed and you can’t do what you intended to outside.  In this type of scenario, you end up feeling frustrated, rushed and upset with yourself.

just a minute one more thingTo avoid the just a minute, one more thing trap, here are four things you will benefit greatly from:

Plan your day and stick to it

Schedule your time on y our calendar, even free time & “me” time. This should help you stick to your plan as long as you are committed to following the schedule. Yes, there will be times when things happen that derail you, but go back to the schedule for the rest of the day.

Turn off your social media except for certain times

We all like to be up to date and in the know, but constantly flipping back and forth to e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. wastes a ton of time and will definitely catch you in the just a minute one more thing trap! Decide on certain times for checking your communication avenues – say morning, afternoon and early evening. This is hard to get used to, but its well worth it.

Turn off your automatic notifications!

Again, this is a hard one to get used to! When you hear a notification come in that you received an instant message, e-mail, etc. think about how often you drop what you’re going to go answer it. This is definitely a time where you should deploy the just a minute one more thing philosophy, but typically we don’t, we’re distracted by the alert and the need to know! When you drop what you’re doing and check the alert, you get out of the groove of what you were doing – then when you come back to it, it takes a few minutes to get back to where you were. Had you just finished what you were working on and then checked the message you’d actually have spent less time on it.

Schedule in time for yourself

There are many benefits to taking care of yourself: it allows you to focus better, be more aware, be happier, stay centered, etc. You want to make sure you eat at appropriate times during your day (that can be different for everyone), to exercise, to relax/meditate, etc. Put this on your schedule like an appointment a honor that time commitment.

There are many other things you can do, but start with these and see what happens, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised! When you quit getting caught in the just a minute, one more thing trap you’ll feel much more productive and calm.

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