Have You Thought About Changing The World?

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[styled_box]”Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ~ Leo Tolstoy [/styled_box]


I think we’ve all thought about changing the world at one point or another.  Maybe it was when you were little and wanted to be a super hero or when you decided to go into a career in teaching, healing, politics, etc.    We all want to see positive change in the world.

Leo Tolstoy believes that everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.  His point may be that we want to see change IN the world, be we don’t want to have to change ourselves.  This is often true because changing means giving up things as you know them today, which is a “loss”.  Even when change is good, we all go through a period of feeling the loss of “normalcy”.

When you desire a change outside of yourself, it’s important to look inside yourself to see what you can do to drive and/or contribute to the outside change.  Let me give you a couple of examples.

For instance, most of us would like to see the world use it’s resources in the most efficient manner and to keep the earth a clean and prosperous place for the next generations.  We see news stories about water shortages in certain areas or contaminated water supplies, maybe you’ve seen stories on the costs of resources and/or the decline of natural resources for one reason or another.  These things may bother us and many of us want that to change.  Individually we cannot control the world, right?  However, look at yourself in this particular example:  Are you recycling? being mindful of your water usage and making sure not to waste things?

Or say you’re working at your job and you want “the company” to change.  You moan and groan about going to work, you’re unhappy and dread Mondays, you bring your frustrations home which affects your family, etc.  You can not control other people’s behavior and unless you’re the owner and/or top executive of the company, you probably can’t change the company culture either.  BUT what can you do?  Look inside and be part of the solution!  Go to trusted management with ideas of what you’d like to see and why, you can do your best to have your voice heard in a positive way, treat people and/or do things as you would like to see them (staying within appropriate guidelines – I’m not at all suggesting you put your job in jeopardy).  If all else fails and you continue to be miserable, you do have a choice to look for a new job where you might find a better fit and happiness.

You can see from the examples that if you look at yourself to change within, you can become part of a solution rather than just wishing someone else would take care of it.  Focus on what you have control over!

Remember, whenever there is a change you’d like to see elsewhere, look inside yourself and ask: what can I change/do to be a part of this change.

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