Happiness is Within!

be your own sunshineI had a wonderful chat on the Happiness Recipe show with Sandy & Judy.

On this unique show Sandy & Judy’s Happiness Recipe is Wit, Wisdom & Wonderful Food! So when they asked me for a recipe that brought me happiness it got me to thinking. . .

The dish I shared is an egg bake, which brings back lots of memories, etc. . . It was pretty funny because I forget the “egg bakes” are not common in other parts of the world – definitely a mid-west “thing”

When I thought about why the egg-bake brings me happiness, I realized a couple things.  Not only does it remind me of holidays, family breakfasts and having company – it made me realize that it’s on of those things that I said “yuck” to many times before I tried it!

I’m someone who doesn’t like too many things “touching” when it comes to food, so having eggs, cheese, sausage etc all together and baking it just seems “yucky” to me. . .I bet mom made this a dozen times before I tried it!  Apparently one day I was feeling daring, stepped outside my comfort zone and tried the egg bake. . .YUM!!

The lesson here is: Try something new! Ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen? You may just enjoy it, be good at it, etc. When we try something new and stretch our comfort zone it never goes back to it’s original size. Even it you try something (whether it’s food, an activity, a new hairstyle, whatever. . .) and you don’t like it or never want to do it again, you’ve learned a lesson and you’ve gained insight!

Listen in to the interview  and get the egg bake recipe here:  Happiness Radio Interview

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