About Shari

IMG_2001I have been coaching for many years – working in Human Resources management and leadership for 20+ years. The best parts of my job were coaching and mentoring, training and development, goal setting and planning and helping people to succeed! I have been through many of my own transitions, so I can identify with your challenges:

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, with a population of just over 300 people. My parents and grandparents had grown up in/near the town and continued living there. My grandma still lives on the same land she grew up on as a child – she is now in her 90s!

I am very close with my mother, who has been my rock for years. My parents divorced when I was 15 years old. My biological father was a successful business man and alcoholic who died an early death at the age of 51 from cancer. My step-father passed away in 2011  at the early age of 65, also from cancer, he was a recovering alcoholic and had been sober for 24 years at the time of his death. My parents have all been a huge influence on my life and have supported me in everything I did – teaching me I can do/be anything I want.

I have one brother and 4 step-sisters, one who died an early death which was partially contributed to her unfortunate chemical addiction. I have a daughter that was born in 1992 and a son born in 2003, the first “planned” and the second a very large, but wonderful surprise! I have been married and divorced twice – the first not amicable, the second amicable and we remain friends today. I have survived physically and mentally abusive relationships, but more importantly I have thrived in spite or because of them!

After school, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I accepted a “secretarial” position near my home town, after working there a couple of years, I decided I wanted to move to the “city” in my early 20s, small town MN wasn’t for me, I wanted “more”. (Now that quiet small town life seems more attractive!) I accepted an administrative position with a large telecommunications company and moved to Minneapolis with a couple of girl friends. I worked at that fortune 100 telecommunications company for 10+ years, moving into HR, quickly becoming a regional manager in HR and working through mergers and growth. I moved into healthcare with another fortune 100 company and then onto a fortune 100 retailer. From there I went to a family owned human resources consulting company and most recently I was working as the VP of Human Resources at an electronics contract manufacturing company. I’ve left the “Corporate world” to pursue my dream of helping others achieve joy and success in their lives.

Through hard work, dedication and goal setting I have grown and written new chapters of my life so that I can live an authentic life as my true self – I look forward to helping you do the same!


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