Don’t Judge Each Day by Your Harvest

Wet Seedling
“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”~Robert Louis Stevenson

Do you ever find yourself feeling down because you didn’t accomplish something as fast as you wanted to?

Take a moment to stop and think, ask yourself “How many new people/opportunities did I meet today?”, or Who’s life did I change today?”

Remember that it isn’t always about the immediate gratification of getting what you want.  Starting a project or new endeavor can sometimes be much more rewarding than beating yourself up over the “have nots or “did nots”.   Every thought you think, every step you take is planting a seed for your future!

Today I challenge you to take a moment to stop and meet at least one new person to meet or someone who’s day you can make in some small way and do it! And remember you don’t have to stop at just one! Have a wonderful day everyone, and I hope you enjoy brightening someone else’s!


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