Conquer Fear


“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” ~ Rosa Parks

Feeling stuck? Asking yourself “why can’t I xxxx?” Is there something you want to do, say or be, but you feel “silly” or like no one will get it?

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions in the human psyche. It can shut down one’s ability to function, take steps in the wrong direction, or make decisions that one would not have made otherwise. Sometimes life and the events that happen and the turns that it takes can be very frightening.

Remember that without fear there can’t be courage. When you come up against a scary situation know that although danger is real, fear is entirely psychological. When you are afraid, make a conscious decision to overcome that fear and move past or over whatever scares you.

fearAsk yourself what you’re afraid of. Be honest with yourself – are you really afraid or just uncomfortable? Many times we are our own worst enemy without even realizing it. When you’re afraid to make that call, is it because maybe you’re afraid they’ll say yes? What IF they want what you have to offer, WHAT IF you are successful?

Think of one thing you are afraid of (nothing life or death) and conquer it this week. You may choose something quick and with easy access like petting a dog or something much more involved like skydiving, that’s up to you, just get out and do it! This will raise your confidence and give you courage to try more!

Honestly, what is the worst thing that can happen? What can you do to prepare for the worst possible outcome? Now go forward . . . if it’s not life or death – there is nothing to be feared. Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable……once you stretch your comfort zone, it never goes back to its original size and you’ll continue to grow.

Then take the time to figure out what your purpose, vision & goals are. Making a plan and committing to it will diminish your fears. Then you can move forward with new found confidence and power.

Believe in yourself and your capabilities and you can do whatever you want to do!!




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