What people say about working with Shari:

[styled_box title=”  R from NY”]“Thank you for your all your insights and encouraging words.  I love having a cheerleader and guiding light for my life.  It was so easy to talk and connect with you.”[/styled_box]

[styled_box title=”S from ND”]“Since I started working with Shari I’m excited for the rest of my life, before I just tried to make it through the day!” [/styled_box] 

[styled_box title=”J from UK”]“Your coaching is really helping me. You have perked me up.”[/styled_box] 

[styled_box title=”M from FL”]“. . . it’s nice that you can guide me to explore myself better and move forward”[/styled_box]

[styled_box title=”J from WI”]“Thanks for helping me find the confidence to make the changes I needed to make to be me, I’m happier than I’ve ever been.”[/styled_box]

[styled_box title=”R from MN”]”Shari is a warm, engaging human resources professional with a passion for coaching. She has great insights into what it takes to create a coaching culture and help it thrive, and the energy to see it through. She is thoughtful, a good listener and willing to collaborate around new ideas and approaches. A real gem!”[/styled_box]

[styled_box title=”S from MN”]”She is a great coach and mentor. Shari has so much knowledge to share and is always learning to be the best she can be. I can always go to Shari with the tough questions or situations because I know she will have a solution. She has high standards and brings out the best in others.”[/styled_box]

[styled_box title=”S from MN”]”Shari is a compassionate, emotionally-intelligent professional who is an excellent mentor and possesses the rare skill of bringing out the best in those she works with.”[/styled_box]

[styled_box title=”G from MN”]” I was fortunate to receive tremendous coaching, mentorship, and guidance from her. Shari’s open perspective and understanding of the differences we all have and how we can make it work allowed me to connect with her and others in a very effective and meaningful way. Her philosophy of embracing life and pursuing true happiness is not just a philosophy to her, it’s a way of life. The experience and examples Shari brings is a value to anyone looking for personal or professional coaching and mentorship. I remain connected to Shari and value her insight and encouragement.”[/styled_box] 

 [styled_box title=”M from TX”]”Her communication and leadership skills combined with her depth of knowledge make her a pleasure to work with. I would recommend working with Shari in any capacity.”[/styled_box] 

shari yantes, life coach, mn

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