Coaching in the Workplace

Bring Coaching into your org

Shari has 25+ years of direct coaching and mentoring in the workplace having lead HR in and consulted for many major corporations such as AT&T Wireless, Home Depot and United Health Care just to name a few.

Shari and her team can partner with your organization in a variety of ways:

– One on One Coaching and Mentoring for Individuals:  High Potentials, Development, Performance Improvement, Goal Setting/Achievement, etc.

– Team Building:  Work with teams to build relationships, understand each other, create and work on common goals, etc.

– Create a Coaching Workplace:  Shari’s model for workplace coaching minimizes the need for outside coaches by developing coaches inside your organization.

– Creating Training:  Creating personalized training, both formal and informal, for your organization.

Shari is a certified DiSC Facilitator and uses the DiSC personality assessments to help individuals and teams.

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