Chasing Happiness

chasing happiness

“You can chase happiness or you can choose happiness . . . it all depends on how much time you want to save!” ~ Robert Holden

Are you chasing happiness? Do you find yourself saying things like, when this happens then I’ll be happy or I’ll be happy when I reach my goal? Maybe you find yourself thinking that someone else is happy because they have something you don’t.

Why not be happy now? Things might not be perfect, but if you’re reading this you definitely have some things to be happy about. You’re alive; you can see and read, you have some kind of electronic device that works to read this on or someone cared about you enough to print it off or read it to you. These are things we may take for granted, but there are people who don’t have these privileges.

choose happinessHappiness is a choice, a lifestyle, it’s not a destination. When you choose to embrace the happiness around you and focus on gratitude, you will begin to see the wonderful things that are already present in your life. When you change your mindset you will notice that you’re attracting more happiness into your everyday life.

I know, I know that’s all very Pollyanna of me and yes, we all have crappy days, bad things that happen and just plain lousy “luck” sometimes. Well, go ahead and be crappy, angry, upset and whatever else for a few minutes and then get over it! Find something good in every situation . . . yep, sometimes it’s going to take longer than others, but there is always something good, a lesson, in everything.

Spread happiness! Be kind to others, smile when you pass someone, give compliments, help others, etc. Happiness is like a boomerang, you throw it out there and eventually it comes back to you! Don’t wait for someone else to make you happy, happiness is an inside job and only you can make sustainable happiness happen in your life.

Chasing happiness means choosing happiness.

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