Break Out of Survival Mode – Lesson 3

Here we are – step 3 already! Maybe you’re already noticing some changes in your focus? Are you doing anything differently? Are you reading your purpose, vision, goals every day? Doing so will help you stay focused on moving toward your thriving life, even if you don’t realize it!

In this lesson, we’re going to return to that list of activities and discuss how we can use that information to make better decisions on the use of our time, our focus and our skills/abilities. Grab the worksheet you started last week and pull up the worksheet for lesson 3 – this gives you some information but you will be using the previous worksheet for the tasks in today’s video.

1)      Now take a look at your list. Read each of these activities and determine if the activity is

  1. A necessity (bathing, eating, etc)
  2. Contributing to your long-term goals
  3. Something you can/should quit doing

Quit doing the things that are not a necessity or are time-wasters (or at least minimize the time you spend on them). If there are activities on the list that you can delegate, DO IT!


Focus your time and energy on the activities that are going to get you to your goal and in no time you’ll be thriving instead of just surviving.


Click here to download your worksheet.

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