Break Out of Survival Mode – Lesson 2

Are you ready for step two to Breaking Out of Survival Mode and Begin Thriving? As we talked about earlier, sometimes we’re so busy and life is so hectic we don’t feel like we’re accomplishing anything and we don’t feel like we have any extra time to add something else. We get so caught up in our everyday lives; we’re not even sure what we’re spending all our time on! Video two is about knowing where you are today, finding your starting point. Once we have an understanding of where we’re at, what we’re spending our time on and if it’s benefiting us then we can start to see where we should, need to and can make changes. Have your worksheet from step one nearby, you may want to refer to it and grab the worksheet for lesson 2. You will use the lesson 2 worksheet for the last lesson, so make sure you complete and save so you know where to find it!

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