Beyond the White Picket Fence


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Released April 1, 2015beyond the white picket fence

How’s life? Are you lucky enough to wake up every day with everything going just as you planned, hoped and dreamed?  Do you jump out of bed full of anxious enthusiasm, ready to face and embrace the life you are living?  Perhaps you are lucky enough to find yourself living in a cozy home, surrounded by a delightful  white picket fence,  with a caring, loving and stable spouse, able to stay home every day creating the ideal  life for your, oh so perfect, children.  Do you have the career of your dreams which provides you power, success and financial stability?

We all dream about an enchanting life behind that charming, little white picket fence but most of us discover that the fairytale life we hoped for is far from perfect.  Life delivers a series of twists and turns forcing us to face many unexpected calamities.  These unforeseen hardships, such as divorce, abuse, addiction and illness can upset the balance of your seamless life and force you to venture outside of your comfort zone.

Join Shari Yantes as she tells her own story, and shares tips, pointers and insights  about venturing out and creating a life beyond the white Picket fence.

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