Be Who You Are

Authentic, True Self

This is my favorite Dr. Suess quote!  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be who we are and say what we feel?  To be our authentic true self?!

Do you have something you want to say or do, but you don’t because you’re afraid of what people will do or think or say?  Remind yourself that those who love you for who you are (your authentic true self) are those that won’t mind.  Those that “mind” may seem like they matter now, in the moment or short term, but maybe, just maybe they are the ones that “don’t matter” in the long run.  I recommend when saying what you feel, you do your best to be tactful and politically correct when and where you need to be.

I remember countless times, especially in the corporate world, when there were things I would have liked to say, but knew better.  To keep with my integrity I would take a step back and say what I needed (say what I felt) in a way that would be somewhat heard.  However, there are people who only want to hear what they want and they may not appreciate when you speak up;  those people or relationships may not be the best relationships to help you live your authentic life, or as Dr. Suess says, they may be those that “don’t matter”.  Chose your words carefully, but say what you feel so you can be your authentic true self and live with integrity.

Be YOU!  Live your authentic life by being your true self!

©2014 Shari Yantes. All rights reserved.